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Welcome to Mingle Communities Development site, we pride ourselves in producing high quality Custom websites for our clients. The team here has years of experience in site creation, maintenance and up grading your current and/or future site. We use all the products that are integrated into your site personally and only make them available to our clients after exhausting testing and trails, this allows us to present you with a high quality product that will take care of your current and future needs.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to you joining us.


Tired of spending hours trying to figure out how to manage your site? Wish you had a “web guy” on staff but can’t justify a full or part time employee?  For more details click HERE


A service for those needing a professional installation and configuration of WordPress and theme from any of the many professional WordPress theme providers. For more details click HERE.


Please use our contact form to reach our Support division with any questions you may have about our website service’s or signup inquiries. Use our contact form for further inquiries! To get started today click HERE.

Office Hours

Our office hours, are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, during which time live chat is normally available. We have an office in the US (eastern time) and the UK, that each work to those hours locally.

Code is minimal to ensure no clashes with themes and other plugins.

Everything is created “in” WordPress so extending it is as easy as it can be.

All features are created as plugins, leaving the core plugin small and stable.

More and more plugins that extend WP Symposium Pro will be released regularly!